Something Wicked Brews This Way

So I have officially begun my foray into the world of Homebrewing!


This particular batch is a Belgian Trippel. Now, first off I should say that this one was done at a homebrew store called Bev-Art which offers classes for beginners. They are located in Chicago’s south side, and for a beginner who’s not sure whether brewing is something they’d be interested in it’s a great start! While you’re there you can also pick up a kit to start your brewing at home as well as the ingredient kits so that you can make a tasty brew without having to figure out which ingredients go well together.


I go back for bottling at the end of the month, and from there it’s a week or two of conditioning in the bottles before the beer is ready for consumption. I’m looking forward to adding yet another fantastic hobby to my repertoire. As with most of my many interests this just wouldn’t be possible without the support, and encouragement from my amazing partner! She’s the best!

Something else I will mention about the Bev-Art brewing course for beer is that while you’re there you get to drink some already brewed samples which makes the beer making process all the more fun! In fact, I think it’s actually brewers code to enjoy a beer while making beer. It’s nice, that.

Prost! — Sláinte! — Cheers!