Get to the gone

Since picking up the itch to read more I’ve gone through three books this past month. Man, I am just ready to get my bugout bag, and just hit it. I finished Dharma Bums, blazed through One Hundred Years Of Solitude, and just finished On The Road. Obviously that’s enough to get someone jazzed to get to the gone.

I have to admit I sure feel like I was born in the wrong generation sometimes. My wife has said before she feels that she would have done well in the early 1900’s. I’ve always kicked around the idea that I’d have done well in the late 50’s through the 60’s or perhaps hitting the high seas in the late 1600’s as an infamous pirate. Who knows. Maybe other versions of myself bleeding through their own position in space.

Either way I’m really ready to just get out there, and experience the world, or in the parlance of the beat generation, dig, all those places I’ve only had meta-exposures to through book, internet, and passing travelers.