What I can recall happened in 2010…..

Well  it seems that however fast my life was going, 2010 seemed to be the longest year I’ve had in a while.


I paid off my car and promptly sold it. I have now gone an entire year without a car and I can’t really imagine why it took me that long to get rid of it. Now I absolutely despise driving and am a little worried about moving out of Chicago since I enjoy being able to get around without one. Everything about this has been good. I don’t hit up drive-thrus anymore. I am reducing my carbon footprint. I was also able to use the money to pay off some old bills and best of all I bought a couple of bikes.

As far as design goes since we are always on the subject here, this bike is AWESOME. It slices, it dices and it folds into a sweet little carry-on bag that can go on the EL’ during rush hour. The wife and I took our 3yr old for a 35-mile bike ride up to Illinois State Park and camped out for 3 days.

I have no idea how we packed all that and a 3yr old on two bikes and a toddler trailer, but we did.


Aside from the camping trip we had a lot of great times at the beach and I got a big hump of school work done. Speaking of the devil I think I should be within my last two semesters of my undergraduate degree. YES! On a random tangent, I saw this and it made me chuckle then weep.

I don’t know what gen I fall in, but I think we can all relate to this.



It was a much needed wrap to this long, long year. Finished another semester and hopefully only two to go. Had my great holiday visit with family, and I got to take my 3yr old to see Chuck Berry. At 84 I can’t see how he is still hitting the stage and you may have heard that his Chicago performance was cut short due to exhaustion. Regardless, I got to hear some good tunes and see a legend. Although it was on the first of the new year it was a good wrap to 2010 and a pleasant start to 2011.

Happy beginnings to you all.

more to come…